Get to know our fantastic team

Tiago started is career in the online gaming industry in 2006. His area of expertise are the creation of acquisition channels in Latin America 

Rui Vilela was born to do what he does, we can say. He is the CFO at eGaming, and his interest in numbers and currencies comes from his childhood, a time when Scrooge McDuck (AKA Tio Patinhas) was his hero. Determined and passionate about his job, Rui does not quit until he delivers. An FC Porto supporter, his dream is to grow old alongside his wife in the Caribbeans.

Aline is 26, has a degree in advertising and was born in Brazil, but has lived in USA, Ireland and Portugal, where she currently is. At e-Gaming Services, she manages the operations trying her best to be organized. Sometimes Aline can be a little stubborn, but don’t mind, it’s just because she gets excited with new ideas. Aline likes to play Assassin’s Creed and other videogames at home, and loves to be surrounded by her besties. 

Viviana Bonilla likes to be called Boni, as abbreviation of her surname. Graduated in Business Management, she is the office manager at e-Gaming. From Bogota, Colombia, Boni moved to Portugal one year ago, in which she says was the buggest challenge of her life. Always perseverant, Viviana dreams about visiting a lot of places with her 12 years old son.

Having a background in engineering shows how much Rui Lopes loves and understands numbers. Add that to the fact that he is a former professional sports bettor and you will get why Rui was the first employee of e-Gaming in Portugal. With the experience gathered from these two different fields, Lopes uses his knowledge to help and develop EGS clients. From math to literature, this dedicated guy has interests in a wide range of subjects.

Thiago Pires, 32 years old, is a Brazilian who lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Thiago’s mother language is Portuguese, but you can talk to him in English and, on his way to become a polyglot, he has also basic knowledge of Spanish and French. With a post-graduate degree in Branding and Corporate Identity, Thiago is a marketing professional with a great background in Sports Marketing in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Sports + Communication + Marketing: if you need help with any of the ingredients of this sum, you can surely count on Thiago.

Bruno Veiga, or simply Bruno, was born 37 years ago in a small Portuguese island, in the middle of the Atlantic, called Terceira. Although he doesn’t consider himself great at anything, Bruno loves music and knows how to play guitar, take pictures, play videogames and even fly planes! When he isn’t above the clouds, Bruno works as a designer at EGS. Design was what Bruno has studied in college and what he does the best on computer. That’s because, on online games, he usually gets beaten by 12-year-old-kids. Bruno makes great sushi – you can count it as an important quality – and dreams about travel the world being an airline pilot. 

Fabio Finetti is Italian and was born in the fashion city of Milan, but he has been living in Rio de Janeiro for about four years. Country Manager Brazil at eGaming, Fabio is inside the gambling world since he was eight. Back there, his father used to bring him to the horse racings in Milan, probably making him the only 8 year old kid there who knew what was a single or a combo bet! Graduated in Communications and PR, Finetti specialized in Markeking (European Business School).

He is Ricardo Arrigoni, but his friends call him Rico. EGS SEO Manager is from Rio de Janeiro and has more than 6 years of experience in the SEO industry. Born and raised in a Portuguese family, Arrigoni loves the “Luso” cuisine, especially Bacalhau. While shy to speak in public, he is a very communicative person and loves to make new friends. 

We can't say Lucas Araújo is a normal kind of guy. He has an energy that keeps anybody up. He's a brazilian who loves hamburgers and hates fish, witch is a problem for someone who lives in Portugal, with an extraordinary sea food cuisine. Lucas is a front-end developer and always open to new ideas. Have an interest in enterpreneuship subjects. A dedicated father of two boys, one of the most things that I like in the world is to spend time with his family.

Lucas Coppi is, above all, a soccer lover. Brazilian, 26, and journalist by formation, Lucas has lived in Canada in 2011 and explored South America as a backpacker in 2016. Nowadays, Coppi – as he was called at school and college – lives in his hometown and works as a copywriter and translator (thank to his appreciation for reading and languages). In the relaxing time, Lucas likes to play poker with friends. His dream is getting to know this entire giant world that we call Earth.